Levi, Ray & Shoup, Inc.


JES3plus® Compatibility

All LRS mainframe products are compatible with Phoenix Software International's JES3plus®. This matrix shows the minimum LRS product fix levels for JES3plus® 1.0.0:

Product Name and Release Minimum Product Fix Level for JES3plus® 1.0.0

DMCF V2R1.1 V2R1.1.0000
DMCF V2R1.2 V2R1.2.0000
DRS V2R1.1 V2R1.1.0000
DRS V2R1.2 V2R1.2.0000
LRS/MVS Server V2R1.1 V2R1.1.0082
LRS/MVS Server V2R1.2 V2R1.2.0027
LRS/Net V2R1.1 V2R1.1.0000
LRS/Net V2R1.2 V2R1.2.0000
LRS/Spool V2R1.1 V2R1.1.0000
LRS/Spool V2R1.2 V2R1.2.0000
PageCenter® V2R1.1 V2R1.1.0000
PageCenter® V2R1.2 V2R1.2.0000
VMCF V2R1.1 V2R1.1.0000
VMCF V2R1.2 V2R1.2.0000
VPS® V2R1.1 V2R1.1.0183
VPS® V2R1.2 V2R1.1.0039
VPS/Report Browse V2R1.1 V2R1.1.0000
VPS/Report Browse V2R1.2 V2R1.2.0000